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Basilia a chef of the pacific

Basilia Petrona Murillo Lopez

Basilia Petrona Murillo Lopez, was born in Nóvita, Chocó. She being young she moved to the city of Santiago de Cali, where she started a restaurant typical food. Because of her talent he was known in the La Alameda market square in Santiago de Cali, where the restaurant she she created “Basilia Comida Típica Valle Pacífico”, where In addition to cooking, she spread the message of peace and
reconciliation through her traditional gastronomy.

Looking for an iconic site, of tradition and culture
cuisine of the Colombian Pacific, in the Plaza of La Alameda market in Santiago de Cali. Over there Basilia Murillo López, a woman from Choco, settled with her family in the capital of Valle del Cauca. This traditional cook from Chocó has been working
for rescuing the typical traditional foods of the Colombian Pacific, with its renowned restaurant ‘Basilia Typical Food Pacific Valley’ in the gallery La Alameda, where its dishes are the most desired by the palates of locals and foreigners. The love for ancestral cuisine, and the interest in perfecting the seasoning, led Basilia Murillo at the age of 43 to study at the Sena, managing to graduate as cooking technique and demonstrating that it is never too late to study.

The secret for our Pacific preparations to be well accepted is that We prepare everything with that love, with that passion. Our Roof Grass and the king El Coco, without those two, we cannot have good dishes and good acceptance by the Colombian and foreign people who come to our restaurants.

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