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Top 10 bird species that you can see only in Valle del Cauca

Did you know that Colombia is one of the most prominent countries in bird watching tourism? In this activity, visitors tour the forests and enjoy the birds in a unique setting. One of the most notable is Achicay, El Queremal with the Danube River.

Electron Platyrhynchum

Broad-Billed Motmot

Its Spanish name is Barranquero Bocon. It can fly up to 1100 meters above sea level, it lives in humid forests such as those of the Cauca Valley, its diet is based on large insects, larvae, beetles and dragonflies.

Boissonneaua jardini

Seven-colored Hummingbird

Its spanish name is Colibrí Sietecolores. This hummingbird is part of the Trochilidae family of birds, it reaches up to 2200 m in altitude and is characterized by having multiple colors in its feathers, the female of the species is opaque compared to the male.

Merganetta Armata

Torrent duck

Its Spanish name is Barranquero Bocon. Its main habitat is the rivers and streams in the Andes Mountains in Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Ecuador. Its main diet is aquatic insects and larvae.

Aglaeactis cupripennis


Its Spanish name is Colibrí Paramuno. Visitors commonly encounter the Paramuno Hummingbird during birdwatching tourism in Valle del Cauca, because it lives on the transition route from the montane forest and the paramo.
Pseudospingus Verticalis

Black-headed hemispingus

Its Spanish name is Frutero de Cabeza Negra. Its main characteristic is the black crown on its head. It lives in humid, mountainous forests and can reach 3,400 meters above sea level.
Glaucidium jardinii


Its Spanish name is Buhito Andino. Glaucidium means little owl and Jardinii is in honor of the ornithologist Sir William Jardine. In Colombia it can be seen from 2100 m in the mountain ranges of northern Colombia, western Venezuela and central Peru. Its diet consists of birds and large insects, its habitat is humid forests.

Semnornis ramphastinus


Its Spanish name is Compás. It is a piciforme-type bird whose habitat is the humid forests of the Andes, Northwestern Ecuador and South-Western Colombia. They are very colorful birds, with an upper chest and rigid beak.

Chlorochrysa nitidissima

Multicolored Tanager

Its Spanish name is Tángara Multicolor. It is categorized as an endemic species (only found in a specific area) of Colombia. It feeds mainly on fruits, insects and larvae.

Coeligena orina

Dusky Starfrontlet

Its Spanish name is Inca de Frontino and means born in heaven, mountain dweller. It feeds on the flowers of the hemiparasite aetanthus. You can see it on the bird watching tours in Valle del Cauca. Discover more at this link.
Diglossa gloriosissima

Chestnut-bellied flowerpiercer

Finally, in the top 10 bird species that you can see only in Valle del Cauca is a Mielero Pechirrufo, called in Spanish. Its habitat is forests and humid bushes in the moors. It can reach 3800 m altitude. Their main diet is flower nectar.

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